Join Us for Laracon Online 2019 at DRPG

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Join the DRPG development team at the Studio 212 cinema in the Midlands on Wednesday 6th March for a viewing party of Laracon Online 2019!

We'll be screening all of the talks from Freek Van der Herten, Jason McCreary, Marcel Pociot, Wes Bos, Taylor Otwell, Samantha Geitz, Matt Stauffer, Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan live from 1pm through to midnight.

If you're not a DRPG team member, don't worry - you can join us for the viewing too! Just please ensure you have purchased a Laracon Online ticket beforehand and sign up below!

We'll also have treats and pizza for the viewing - so if you would like to join us please confirm your place now - login and select which talks you'd like to see.

Got Questions?

For more information on the live event program visit Laracon Online

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or call 01299 382067

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